Mansura Khan
Postgraduate Research Student

Mansura Khan

Postgraduate Research Student
School of Biological, Earth and Environmental Sciences

Eukaryotic-like proteins from microbial symbionts of sponges-novel tools for creating artificial symbioses

Supervisors: Professor Torsten Thomas, Associate Professor Suhelen Egan and Professor Peter Steinberg



M. M. Khan, M. Moniruzzaman, M.S. R. Khan, G. M. Mostakim, M. K. Rahman, M. S. Islam. 2018. Aberrations of peripheral erythrocyte and its recovery patterns in a freshwater teleost, silver barb exposed to profenofos. Journal of Environmental pollution 234: 830-837

S. M. Islam, S. M. Kabir; Z. Ferdous, M. M. Khan, M. K. Rahman. 2017. Chronic exposure to quinalphos shows biochemical changes and genotoxicity in erythrocytes of silver barb, Barbonymusgonionotus. Journal of Interdisciplinary Toxicology; 10(3): 99–106

M Moniruzzaman, M. M. Khan, M. K. Rahman, M. S. Islam. 2017. Effects of profenofos induced histopathology and recovery patterns in silver barb. Progressive agriculture; 28 (3): 240-248 (Thomson Reuters Indexed, ISSN1017 - 8139)

M. M. Khan and M. S. R. Khan. 2017. Shore to landward transect burrow diversity of fiddler crab in a tropical intertidal coast of Chittagong in Bangladesh. Research in Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries; 4 (2): 131-140. (DOAJ Indexed, ISSN-2409-0603)

M. S. R. Khan, M. M. Khan, N. Akter and M. A. Wahab. 2016. Strain performance of tilapia in freshwater prawn polyculture. Journal of Bangladesh Agricultural University; 14(1): 127–134. (Thomson Reuters Indexed, ISSN 1810-3030)

M. S. R. Khan, M. M. Khan, N. Akter, M. A. Wahab. 2016. Phytoplankton Overgrowth checked by tilapia inclusion in Freshwater prawn culture pond.Journal of Entomology and Zoology Studies; 4(5): 80-86. (Thomson Reuters Indexed, ISSN 2349-6800)If you have any please list the full reference details here.

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