Mark Constantine
Postgraduate Research Student

Mark Constantine

Postgraduate Research Student
School of Biological, Earth and Environmental Sciences

Changes in the severity and frequency of fire over time in NSW

I’m developing a new method for quantifying changes in past fire regimes using FTIR spectroscopy and chemometrics. This method can be used by researchers to determine the intensity of past fires, a significant improvement on previous methods, which are only capable of explaining the size and frequency of past fires. Using this new method, I will examine a series of sites in NSW in order to increase our understanding of how fire has affected the environment, how humans affected local fire regimes prior to and after European settlement of Australia, and whether fire intensity has changed in the past century with the onset of human induced climate change.

Supervisor: Scott Mooney



Mark Constantine. Minkoo Kim, Jungjae Park. Mid- to late-Holocene cooling events in the Korean Peninsula and their possible impact on ancient societies. Quaternary Research. 2019. Vol. 132.

Constantine, Mark. Eurasian Crossroads: Conflicting Spheres of Influence in the Republic of Georgia. 공간과사회 2014년 제24권 4호(통권 50호): 185~205

J. Park and M. Constantine. Multi-proxy Evidence for Late-Holocene Agricultural Activities from Coastal Lagoons on the East Coast of Korea. In: Earth Surface Processes and Environmental Changes in East Asia. 2015. P. 201-220.

Level 4 EastBiological Sciences North (D26)UNSW, Kensington 2052