Matt Davis
Postgraduate Research Student

Matt Davis

Postgraduate Research Student
School of Biological, Earth and Environmental Sciences

Investigating artificial waterhole utilization and management in North-eastern Botswana

Provisioning water resources is an increasingly popular wildlife management tool used to tackle a range of conservation issues. Although artificial water points (AWPs) have been studied across the African continent, little has been studied on water utilization by wildlife in North-eastern Botswana. Previous research in the region has concluded that the wildlife displays unique behaviours compared to other areas of Southern Africa, meaning location-specific research is needed to properly manage and conserve Botswana’s wilderness areas.

This project, in collaboration with the organization Elephants Without Borders, aims to investigate the relationship between natural and artificial water resources, and how key species of conservation, commercial and social interest utilize and behave around water resources. The results would add to the growing database of water provisioning research while also providing new knowledge on the ecology and behaviour of large mammals in Northern Botswana.


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