Mr Matthew Harris
Postdoctoral Fellow

Mr Matthew Harris

Research & Enterprise
Analytical Chemistry Facility

Matthew is a postdoctoral fellow in the Mark Wainwright Analytical Centre, working within the Chronos Radiocarbon Facility. He graduated from UNSW with Bachelors degrees in Marine and Coastal Science (Adv.) and Philosophy, with a first-class honours in climate science. His PhD thesis (Keele University, UK, awaiting viva) was on autofluorescent organic matter in Antarctic ice cores. Matthew pursues broad research interests in palaeo-climatology and geochronology, with a focus on reconstructions of climate change in the high-latitude southern hemisphere through Antarctic ice cores.

Hilmer Building Room 539
  • Journal articles | 2021
    Cadd H; Petherick L; Tyler J; Herbert A; Cohen TJ; Sniderman K; Barrows TT; Fulop RH; Knight J; Kershaw AP; Colhoun EA; Harris MRP, 2021, 'A continental perspective on the timing of environmental change during the last glacial stage in Australia', Quaternary Research (United States), 102, pp. 5 - 23,