Mr Max Katz-Barber
Postdoctoral Fellow

Mr Max Katz-Barber

School of Psychology

My research is primarily focused on the field of behavioural neuroscience, with a keen interest in biological psychopathology of mental illnesses and evolutionary psychology. I examine key neuroanatomical structures associated feeding, drinking, and addiction.  

School of Psychology, Faculty of Science Room 703, Level 7, Mathews Building (F23) UNSW SYDNEY 2052

Priority Research Centre for Brain & Mental Health Infrastructure Grant-$10,000

Funding body: Priority Research Centre for Brain & Mental Health


Previously I was a casual academic at the University of Newcastle, teaching into the Foundation of psychological practice, and Biological psychology. I was also an invited lecturer in Psychology Introduction 2 (an introductory psychology course).  Where I gave a mini lecture on general evolution, and how this relates to the fear response, and the chemicals involved in our fear response.