Research Associate

Dr Mojtaba Taseidifar

PhD in Chemistry, The University of New South Wales, Canberra, Australia, 2019.

UNSW Canberra
School of Science

I obtained my PhD at UNSW with a thesis entitled, Novel Water Technologies in 2019. I taught different chemistry units such as General Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry, Organic Chemistry and Basic Principles & Calculations in Industrial Chemistry at Azad University (Iran - Shahrekord). In 2016, I was awarded Postgraduate Research Scholarship at UNSW Canberra. Co-invented 5 PCT applications, internationally examined, and more than 20 published articles in peer-reviewed journals. I was awarded a scholarship to attend Water Innovation Lab in Porto, Portugal in 2017 and was among ACT Water Leaders Finalists in 2019 (Australian Capital Territory, Australia). I’d received $400,000.00 industrial grant to develop new techniques that I co-invented in different areas of Environmental Science/Engineering like Water/Wastewater Treatment, Mineral Extraction and Purification, Green based Surfactants and PFAS de-contamination. I have been a principal contributor to technical reports on the development of a new laboratory for PFAS decontamination at UNSW Canberra in 2019, Copper Recovery in Acid Mine Drainage (AMD) for a local mining company in 2021, PFAS removal using biodegradable amino acid-based surfactants for a local company in 2021, New Ion Exchange method and a novel process for its sustainable regeneration for a local mining company in 2022.

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  • Patents | 2022
    Pashley R; Makavipour F; Taseidifar M; Rahman M, 2022, Method for removing heavy metals from an aqueous solution, Patent No. ARIPO - AP6166; Australia - 2017346939; China - ZL201780071212.0; Europe, France, United Kingdom - 3528958; India - 406236; South Korea - 10-2479604; United States - 11472723
    Patents | 2021
    Pashley R; Taseidifar M; Antony J, 2021, Prevention of cavitation, Patent No. Europe pat no.3612443; Germany pat no. 602018020192;

  1. Breakthrough Technology - Ion Exchange, RG201388; Pashley R.M., Taseidifar, M., $343,654.
  2. Breakthrough Technology – Heavy Metal Removal Technology, RG192920; Pashley R.M., Taseidifar, M., $ 49,57.

  • ACT Water Leaders Finalist 2019 (Australian Capital Territory, Australia)
  • Tuition Fees Scholarship and Study at UNSW Canberra Scholarship, UNSW Canberra, 2016.
  • Water Innovation Lab (WIL), Porto (Portugal) scholarship, 2017

My research area includes, but is not limited to, Water and Wastewater Treatment, Novel zwitterionic Resins, Colloid Science for Environmental Applications, Desalination, Geen-based Surfactants, Selective Extraction of Ions and Environmental Remediation of PFASs compounds, Heavy Metal ions and other contaminants.