Mr Muhammad Tauha Ali

Mr Muhammad Tauha Ali

Casual Academic

Certified Control Systems Technician II, 2015

Certified Energy Manager, 2014

M.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering, 2011

B.E. in Mechanical Engineering (with distinction), 2008

Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering

Muhammad Tauha Ali is a Scientia PhD Scholar in Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering Department at University of New South Wales (UNSW). His research interests include heat transfer, low-lift cooling, solar cooling and solar desalination.

He worked at the Khalifa University (KU), UAE as a Research Engineer before joining UNSW as Scientia PhD candidate. In KU, he worked on inter-related but diverse fields such as electrical load forecasting, solar powered cooling, solar powered post-combustion carbon capture, solar powered desalination, thermal energy modeling for buildings and HVAC systems component modeling. He has 10 years of Instrumentation experience for cooling systems and solar resource assessment sensors. He also managed the Masdar city campus field station's mechanical workshop and the KU meteorological stations network within Masdar city.

Room 402, J17
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Investigating energetic feasibility of forward osmosis process for potable water production by modeling and testing innovative materials and processes

Curation of UNSW's solar/weather stations data for feasibility assessment of electrical transportation

My Teaching

SOLA1070 Sustainable Energy

MECH9720 Solar Thermal Energy Design