Dr Nadia Maria   Lopes Amorim
Research Associate

Dr Nadia Maria Lopes Amorim

Accredited Practising Dietitian - APD

PhD in Cancer and Metabolism, UNSW Sydney, Australia

MPhil, MSc in Obesity and Hypertension, 2010-2013, UERJ Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

MBA, 2007-2008, FGV/Inst. Oswaldo Cruz, Brazil

Masters in Human Nutrition, 2004-2006, UFLA, Brazil

Bachelor in Nutrition, Hons1, 1999-2003, UFV, Brazil

Medicine & Health
St. George Clin Sch- Operating

I joined the Microbiome Research Centre in 2019, bringing my clinical expertise as a senior dietitian and scientist to investigate the role of the microbiome in liver disease and liver cancer. I have worked as a clinical dietitian since 2003 having extensive experience in metabolic syndrome including diabetes, obesity, and metabolic surgery.

Throughout my career, amongst all my trainings, I worked 4 years with gastrointestinal cancer and inflammatory bowel diseases and developed a unique skill set including patient care, clinical and pre-clinical research, cellular and molecular biology techniques, translating science from bed to bench and vice versa.

During my Doctoral studies at UNSW (2014-18), I worked with a mouse model of diet-induced obesity, investigating the effects of cancer treatment on metabolism and markers of inflammatory response, linked to the metabolic alterations in childhood cancer survivors.

Currently, I am leading a cutting-edge research project using animal models to understand the interplay between diabetes, obesity, and the microbiome as drivers of liver disease and HCC. In the Liver Research Group, I am also leading a clinical project to understand the impact of the Mediterranean diet on the microbiome and immune response in patients with NAFLD liver cirrhosis and HCC.

+61-2-9113 1387
St George Hospital Microbiome Research Centre


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