Nam Gyu Ryu

Nam Gyu Ryu

Postgraduate Research Student

Bachelor of Science (Psychology), Australian National University | Master of Arts (Organizational Psychology), Seoul National University

I completed my masters at SNU majoring in organizational psychology. Throughout the study, I have participated in projects exploring emotional labor, CSR, and creativity in startups. My masters thesis explored issue selling behaviors among employees on online community.

Research Interests

  • Business ethics, CSR, Moral licensing


  • Ryu, N, & Kim, M. (2016). The Paradoxical Relationships between Corporate Social Responsibility and Corporate Social Irresponsibility: Moral licensing and Cleansing as Their Underlying Mechanisms. Oral presentation at the Korean Psychological Association (KPA) Annual Convention, Gunsan, South Korea.

Prizes & Awards

  • Seoul National University Psychology Department Scholarship
  • UNSW Master of Pre-Doctoral Business Studies Scholarship