Natalie Goldman

Natalie Goldman

Postgraduate Research Student

Undergraduate Degree: Bachelor of Social Sciences - Political Science (now named Bachelor of Social Research and Policy)

Current Position: CEO of Fund To Fly

1. What attracted you to studying Arts & Social Sciences at UNSW?

For starters most of my friends from school were going to UNSW to study so I wanted to go there for starters. However the reason why I wanted to do Arts and Social Sciences was that it was a new degree and I thought it would give me a broader opportunity in starting off my career.

2. Did you always have a clear idea of what you wanted to do after completing your degree?

Absolutely not. My career has been an evolving feast however my degree gave me the stepping stone to start that journey.

3. How did your time at UNSW help shape who you are today?

The obvious part of my time at UNSW was studying. I enjoyed the process or learning, debating and understanding the world more through my studies. However going to uni was also very social and there were lots of clubs and activities to meet lots of new and interesting people.

4. How did studying Arts & Social Sciences at UNSW help you develop transferable skills? 

Firstly, it was at university that I developed my self-discipline which would have been helpful at high school but it has served me well through my career and my life in general. It also sparked a life long desire to learn – I continue to read books, attend talks, do MOOCs and I even did a Masters degree. Other skills I further developed at university was researching, debating and public speaking and problem solving.

5. How did studying Arts & Social Sciences at UNSW help form your view on the world and the contemporary issues we face today?

I studied many subjects including: philosophy, political science, psychology, economics, international relations, women’s studies and environmental studies – this gave me a broad perspective on the world. Some of which I agreed with and others I didn’t – but that wasn’t the point. It introduced me to the world of ideas, history and where we came from to help me understand more where we are today and where we are going.

6. How did UNSW Arts & Social Sciences help prepare you for the workforce throughout your degree?

During my degree I did an internship in State Parliament with a minister which I absolutely loved. I did go onto working in a Federal Government agency for a while however I haven’t continued down the path of actual policy or Government work but I follow politics closely.

7. How did you get your foot in the door as a graduate, following the completion of your degree?

I pounded the pavement, read the classified (jobs in the newspaper... can you imagine!) and applied for lots of roles until I landed my first job.

8. What advice would you give to someone considering studying Arts at UNSW?

Doing Arts is a great way to get a broad exposure to lots of different disciplines and ideas. When you start uni, most of us don’t know what we want to do, so why not learn things that interest you and that will feed your soul and build a solid foundation for your understanding of the world whilst you figure out what you would like to do. The great thing about studying at university is that you can then apply for another degree or transfer once you know what you want to do.

9. What is your most memorable experience from your time at UNSW?

There are too many to mention, graduation and the sense of accomplishment, making friends that have stayed with me for life, seeing bands at the roundhouse, O-week activities or just hanging out on the Library Lawn.

10. Why do you Love What You Do?

Because it aligns with my personal values and I get to make a difference in people’s lives.