Adjunct Professor

Mr Nigel Poole

Business School
Dean, UNSW Business School

Nigel Poole is the UNSW Business School’s Faculty Executive Director.

As the senior non-academic staff member, Nigel oversees the operations and functions of the Business School and the day-to-day delivery of activities that serve the needs of students, academic staff and the University. These include areas such operations, change, finance, planning, HR, marketing, external engagement, recruitment, information technology, safety, and facilities.

Nigel has championed initiatives for future services in research and education. He is a director of the US$1bn Giant Magellan Telescope Organisation project which connects Australia with top-tier universities in the US and Korea and Brazil. He was a director of AARNet, the company that connects Australian universities and researchers to the world through its advanced fibre-optic cable network.

After commencing as an investment banker working in financial markets, he worked in management consulting with McKinsey & Company, and in senior roles at Goodman Fielder, CSIRO, and the National Measurement Institute. He has also been a facilitator on the Australian Institute of Company Directors flagship program.

He holds degrees in Law and Economics from the University of Otago.

Level 6 E12 UNSW Business School Building