Rachelle Denton

Rachelle Denton

Rachelle Denton completed a Bachelor of Design in 2001.

Rachelle is the Co-Founder and Creative Strategy Director of The Storm Collective in London. With 18 years of digital experience and 10 years in strategy, she has been instrumental in working through pivotal digital strategy challenges for brands like Warner Bros., Pottermore, Nando’s, ASOS and 10 Downing Street.

Rachelle is a speaker and chairperson, mentors women in STEM, consults for BBC Creative, and is a lead trainer for the BBC Academy. Shortlisted for the Social and Influencer Cannes Lions in 2018, she is a leader in social media marketing, influencer outreach, long term relationship models, and global community build and development.


At UNSW Art & Design we encourage our students to explore the breadth of career opportunities available to them. The Design Your Future series showcases the journeys of our unique and inspiring design alumni.

Tell us a bit about your career in design? Were there any pivotal moments on the path to where you are now?
I left university with a number of avenues available to me, and tested a few routes, however I was very keen to explore the world. I wanted to tap into some of the inspirational art and design I connected with in my studies (my final project was the design of a visual identity that could be adapted for travels to be used in multilingual communications). There were limitations then that don't exist now (like the computers powerful enough to power graphic requirements weren't portable!) so I found some of my most pivotal moments came through the development of technology, and my ability to adapt to real world limitations. 

As such I've worn many design hats, a packaging designer, graphics and events designer... and I'm now the Co-Founder of a digital strategy company. 

Most rewarding aspect of a career in design?
I've taken a path less travelled in the field. I think the most rewarding part is the flexibility of this accreditation. I don't actively design anymore, however I do oversee the designers in the company, with design principles always at the foundation of each project. Untangling client assumptions about design, translating design ambitions for the process of digital realisation, and creating a clear path to solutions and alignment is continuously uplifting. 

Most interesting design challenge/project you've worked on?
Throughout my career I've been privileged to work on a number of high profile projects, and I wouldn't take them on if they weren't deeply interesting for me! That said exploring the intersection of data, strategy and creative realisation is where I find myself most often. Exploring the digital manifestation of audience behaviors and turning them into a creative brief for major TV dramas is always infinitely fascinating. 

What about your UNSW experience has helped you in your career?
My UNSW start has been fundamental to my workplace strengths. The work ethic was strong, however the unity of the design studio environment really taught me about the importance of team awareness, strengths, weaknesses and supportive structures to ensure a solid group. A level of finesse that I was yet to encounter in other student environments as well as striving for unique outcomes

One skill you learnt at UNSW Art & Design that has been in-valuable?
How to discover the most suitable design solution. The complexity of aesthetics and preferences in design assessment means that there's no 'right' way. As long as the principles of design form the frame, there is space to explore the intersection of personal preference and design solutions.

Designing Your Future – one piece of advice for aspiring designers?
There's a book called Designing Your Life, my advice is to read it. Get to know yourself, your passion points and your drivers, so that when you bring these into a workplace environment you know exactly why you are there and how to enhance your creative output.