Raphael JongHyeon  Park

Raphael JongHyeon Park

Postgraduate Research Student

School of Banking & Finance - PhD Finance (submitted) | Masters of Applied Econometrics, Monash University | BCom (Hons), Monash University | BEcon, Monash University


  • Three Essays in Corporate Finance



  • In, F., Kim, M, Park, R., Kim, S., and Kim., T.K. (2014) Competition of socially responsible and conventional mutual funds and its impact on fund performance, Journal of Banking and Finance, Vol 44, 160-176.
  • Kim, S., In, F., Ji, P., and Park, R. (2013) False discoveries in the performance of Australian managed funds, Pacific-Basin Finance Journal, Vol. 26, 244-256.
  • Ji, P., and Park, R. (2011) An empirical evaluation of the balanced growth hypothesis: Evidence from Australia, Korea and the World Economy, Vol.12, No. 2, 341-346.