Rashi Walia
Research Associate

Rashi Walia

Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering

My research experience and interests include the development of biomaterials, synthesis/fabrications, biofunctional novel coatings, bio-interfaces, mechanically adhesive coatings, surface modifications and analysis, surface-initiated polymerization, polymers, and characterization, materials analysis, biomolecules immobilization such as proteins, peptides, cell culture, and Tissue engineeringI associated with the Sydney Vascular Modelling group (https://www.svmgroup.org/ourteam).

During My Ph.D., My team and I developed the technique to create biocompatible and biofunctional solid hydrogel hybrid structural materials using functional coatings. This technology enables the creation of mechanically robust complex-shaped polymeric scaffolds infused with hydrogel. This advancement is a step closer to mimicking the characteristics of natural tissues within the body.

There are several scenarios in which this technology can be used. For example, the gel could be loaded with a drug to release slowly over time or can be used to mimic structures such as bone cartilage. These materials are also excellent candidates for applications such as lab/organ-on-a-chip platforms, bioreactors that mimic organs, and biomimetic constructs for tissue repair.

Graduate School of Biomedical Engineering, UNSW