Dr Rebecca Parker
Postdoctoral Fellow

Dr Rebecca Parker

PhD - Geology - University of Exeter, 2022

MSc - Geology - University of Otago, 2017

BSc - Geology - University of Otago, 2015

Research & Enterprise
Analytical Chemistry Facility

I am a paleoceanographer and biogeochemist with research interests in using microfossils (diatoms and foraminifera), radiocarbon and biogeochemistry (stable and radiogenic isotopes) to investigate how the cryosphere and oceans interact and respond to past changes in climate during the Quaternary. My research is focussed in the high latitudes, having worked extensively in the Antarctic and North Atlantic regions.

As a postdoctoral Research Fellow in the Chronos 14Cycle Facility, I support the Discovery Project (Back to the Future: Interglacial warming and the West Antarctic Ice Sheet) and explore how Southern Ocean IODP sediment records can help address unknowns in ocean circulation, carbon cycling and ice sheet dynamics during the last deglacial. In support of this project, I radiocarbon date foraminifera and use XRF core scanning to reconstruct ocean ventilation history in this region. I also explore radiocarbon dating ultra-small-sized foraminiferal samples using the Mini Carbon Dating System (MICADAS).