Rishita Sharma

Rishita Sharma

Postgraduate Research Student

Postgraduate Degree: Masters in PR and Advertising

Current Position: Co-Founder - Soraya

1. What attracted you to studying Arts & Social Sciences at UNSW?

My undergraduate degree was in Marketing. I then came to Australia to pursue my first Master’s degree in International Business in a different state, and I was keen on exploring a more specialised theme such as advertising – when looking at my options, I came across the Master in Advertising and Public Relations offered by UNSW. The course structure offered encouraged me to apply for the course.

2. Did you always have a clear idea of what you wanted to do after completing your degree?

Before I joined the course, I always thought that I had wanted to find a job in Australia and settle there, but this course unleashed the creativity inside me, pushing me to see things differently and to think about starting a business of my own.
As soon as my course finished, I went back to India to start a jewellery business called SORAYA.

3. How did your time at UNSW help shape who you are today?

Simply put, UNSW helped me discover my creative side, which is the sole reason why I have my own business today. I became an entrepreneur without even thinking of it... and then the ideas sparked.

4. How did studying Arts & Social Sciences at UNSW help you develop transferable skills?

I honed my communication skills. The way I see it, Advertising is explaining what your product is through various channels using different messages. At all times, applying a bulletproof method: Delivering what you want to say in minimum words with maximum impact.

5. How did studying Arts & Social Sciences at UNSW help form your view on the world and the contemporary issues we face today?

The variety of nationalities and cultures within UNSW made me aware of the issues different people face, what their culture entails and how they react to it. In my opinion, this makes you more aware of the current global scenario and teaches you to empathise with one another.

6. How did UNSW Arts & Social Sciences help prepare you for the workforce throughout your degree?

I believe that the exposure to many cultures, religions, practices and people make you more flexible and adaptable in any work environment – this has helped me in setting up and running my business.

7. What advice would you give to someone considering studying Arts at UNSW?

I would say “Don’t think twice and go for it” - UNSW has been a major turning point in my life and has changed it for the better. It is an amazing experience as the learning is more practice-based rather than theoretical (quite different to what we do here in India).

8. What was your experience like as an international student studying Arts & Social Sciences at UNSW?

It was a great experience, I had people coming from many places around the world in my classes, and I got to learn a lot from people, which has broadened my perspective in life.

9. Why do you Love What You Do?

I love what I do because I get to create from scratch.
From designing to manufacturing, seeing your idea ending up as an actual product is the best feeling.
I owe this to UNSW, as this is where I discovered my creative side among other talents!
I found my passion.