Mr Seth Enoka

Mr Seth Enoka

UNSW Canberra
School of Systems & Computing

Cybersecurity strategist and trusted adviser specialising in tailored compromise assessments, threat hunting, incident response, and digital forensics. Skilled in end-to-end incident management, I effectively communicate technical data to diverse audiences and drive service expansion and optimisation. With an IT background, I oversee assessments of networks, applications, systems, and databases, providing clear client guidance on handling and preventing security incidents. As a team builder and mentor, I foster agile incident response and digital forensic teams proficient in NIST and ISO best practices.

Areas of Expertise:
★ Digital Forensics
★ Incident Response
★ Crisis Management
★ Intrusion Detection
★ Threat Modelling
★ Consulting
★ Project Management
★ Customer Service
★ Business Development
★ Risk Management
★ Client Relations
★ Team Leadership
★ Training & Mentoring

Remote (WA)