Dr Shikha Jaiswal

Dr Shikha Jaiswal

  • PhD in Finance (Emory University)
  • MSc in Mathematics (Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur)
Business School
School of Banking and Finance

I am a Lecturer of Finance at the University of New South Wales. I completed my Ph.D. in Finance at Emory University in 2017. My current research focuses on conflicts of interest in investment management, disclosures and roles of ties. My broader areas of interest are investment management and empirical asset pricing.

+61 2 9065 2758
UNSW Business School Level 3, Room 368
  • Journal articles | 2019
    Trigotra S; Jaiswal S; Mittal A; Bhardwaj A, 2019, 'Impact of a Publication Ethics Orientation Program on the Knowledge and Attitude of Postgraduate Students of Health Sciences', JOURNAL OF CLINICAL AND DIAGNOSTIC RESEARCH, http://dx.doi.org/10.7860/jcdr/2019/40008.12548
    Journal articles | 2018
    Trigotra S; Rafiq N; Jaiswal S; Chouhan S; Prasad S; Sharma S, 2018, 'Pulmonary Functions in Patients with Subclinical Hypothyroidism', JOURNAL OF CLINICAL AND DIAGNOSTIC RESEARCH, http://dx.doi.org/10.7860/jcdr/2018/37512.12205

  • WFA Cubist Systematic Strategies Ph.D. Candidate Award for Outstanding Research, 2017
  • C$10,000 Award by International Centre for Pension Management (ICPM) for innovative work in pension design and governance, 2017
  • General Proficiency Medal for the best academic performance in M.Sc. Mathematics at Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur, 2006
  • Academic Excellence Award at Indian Institute of technology Kanpur, 2005

I teach courses in the areas of Corporate Finance, Investments and Financial Markets for graduate and undergraduate students.