Tamar Hopkins

Tamar Hopkins

LLB/Bsc (Bio-chemistry and Molecular Biology), Grad Dip Legal Practice ANU

PhD Candidate

Postgraduate Research Student

Tamar commenced her PhD at UNSW in 2018. Tamar was admitted to practice in 2000 and has worked as a lawyer at the Legal Aid Office (ACT) Welfare Rights and Legal Centre (ACT), Tenants Union (Vic), Welfare Rights Unit (Vic), Flemington & Kensington Community Legal Centre (Vic). Tamar was awarded a Victorian Law Foundation Fellowship in 2008 to study police complaint systems in the UK, Canada and US. She was awarded LIV Community Lawyer of the Year in 2010 and a Reichstein Fellowship to study progressive organisations and the Black Lives Matter movement in the US with Australian Progress in 2015. She worked from 2005 as a solicitor for the applicants in the Haile-Michael v Konstantindis racial profiling claim that settled in the Federal Court in 2013. She also acted for Corinna Horvath in the successful UN Human Rights Committee claim Horvath v Australia (decision date 2014).

Areas of research

Police Accountability, Police Complaints/Litigation, Racial Profiling, Data Collection on Institutional Racism, Racism/Institutional Racismm, Proving discrimination, Criminal Law, Police Powers, Alternatives to police


Janet Chan, Vicki Sentas, David Dixon

Publications and presentations

  • Forthcoming: 2020 Hopkins T, 'Litigating Racial Profiling: examining the evidence for institutional racial profiling by police against African-Australians in Flemington, Victoria' Australian Journal of Human Rights.
  • 2017 Hopkins T, ‘Monitoring Racial Profiling’ Introducing a scheme to prevent unlawful stops and searches by Victoria Police’ 2017, Police Stop Data Working Group, FKCLC
  • 2016 Meghan Fitzgerald, Tamar Hopkins & Shen Narayanasamy (2016) ‘Justice, Social Action and Structural Change,’ Australian Feminist Law Journal, 42(2) 351. Edited transcript of a panel discussion from the Justice through Conflict; Conflict through Justice Symposium.
  • 2015 Hopkins, T ‘Racial Profiling and the Road Safety Act 1986 (Vic)’ (2015) 40 AltLJ 247.
  • 2011 Hopkins, T ‘When police complaint mechanisms fail: The use of civil litigation’ (2011) 36 AltLawJ 99.
  • 2007 Hopkins, T ‘Policing in an era of human rights’ (2007) 32 AltLJ 224.
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  • 2005 Hopkins, T ‘Divorcing marital status from social security payments’ 2005 AltLawJl 57.
  • 2016 ‘Making Human Rights Matter to IBAC’ – FKCLC http://www.policeaccountability.org.au/commentary/making-human-rights-matter-to-ibac/
  • Tamar Hopkins, ‘Effective Investigation of Complaints Against Police’, 2009, FKCLC available at http://www.policeaccountability.org.au/wp-content/uploads/2014/03/VLF-REPORT-Effective-Investigation.pdf
    supervised by Professor Jude McCulloch (Monash)