Wesley Liu

Wesley Liu


Wesley Liu completed a Master of Design.  

Wesley Liu is considered a rising star in his home city of Hong Kong. Since having graduated from UNSW Art & Design’s Master of Design program in 2007, he’s achieved a tremendous amount. He’s the recipient of more than 45 international awards in the areas of interiors, graphics, colour, art display, public space, and lighting. Born in Hong Kong and raised in Australia, Wesley says he truly understands cultural exchange and the value of difference in design aesthetics.  

Wesley created the entire interior concept for the opulent Mandarin Oriental Apartments in Macau. He did so with the goal of embodying “tranquillity and nature” in the colours, materials, lighting, layout, flow of rooms and connecting spaces, as well as furniture design and arrangement. He designed the PplusP Design Studio in Hong Kong, which unites distinct visual elements signifying Eastern and Western history and culture. The end result is innovative, fun, and provides an unexpected link between the relaxing atmosphere of a home and the busy energy of a fast-paced design studio. Clients and staff can take off their shoes and don a pair of cosy slippers at the reception desk.  

It would be wrong however to think Wesley only turns his talents towards the upper end of the market. He also has designed the robust, complex, and highly functional Hong Kong Public Housing Project, aimed at providing efficient and well-designed living space to Hong Kong’s growing population of people without permanent homes.   

Wesley is the founder of and principal designer at PplusP Designers Limited (P+P). He is also an Executive Committee Member of the board of the Hong Kong Interior Design Association and a Professional Member of the Charted Society of Designers, Hong Kong.