Yolanda Tobing

Yolanda Tobing

Postgraduate Research Student

My PhD research is in a cross-cutting sustainable development area with a focus on how private financial institutions and their circle of influence, e.g., debtors as well as (funding) customers could apply sustainability in their business practices. The research entitled “Corporate Sustainability of Private Finance Institutions in the Transition to a Low Carbon Economy” compared and contrasted four banks in Australia (represented an advanced economy) and four banks in Indonesia (represented an emerging economy) in their corporate sustainability initiatives.

What is your current role?

Economic Specialist of the U.S. - ASEAN Connect based at the U.S. Embassy in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Description of your current role

Connect is a U.S. government framework for economic cooperation with the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN). I am responsible for:

  • Gathering economic information, conducting research and writing analysis for economic reporting.
  • Coordinate with the U.S. Embassies and economic colleagues throughout ten ASEAN Member States.
  • Preparing material and arranging protocols for senior level ASEAN consultation meetings.
  • Supporting the U.S. - ASEAN Connect outreach programs including the newly established U.S.- ASEAN Internship Program.

How has your research experience helped you?

My research experience has equipped me with the necessary skill set to undertake my current role as an economic researcher, particularly to conduct sectoral economic research, to analyse and write reports, and to coordinate parallel jobs of various stakeholders in a timely manner.