Research Associate

Dr Yuehua Li

Climate Change Research Centre

I graduated with a PhD in Applied Maths from UNSW. Currently, I am a research associate based in the Climate Change Research Centre and School of Mathematics and Statistics.

9385 7091
School of Mathematics and Statistics UNSW Sydney NSW 2052, AUSTRALIA The Red Centre Room 4062


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    Journal articles | 2018
    Li Y, 2018, 'Exploring the Role of Small-Scale Thermohaline Structure on Mixing and Transport in the Ocean', Bulletin of the Australian Mathematical Society, vol. 98, pp. 348 - 349,
    Journal articles | 2015
    Li Y; McDougall TJ, 2015, 'Double-diffusive interleaving: Properties of the steady-state solution', Journal of Physical Oceanography, vol. 45, pp. 813 - 835,