Yunke (Vicky) Jia
Postgraduate Research Student

Yunke (Vicky) Jia

Postgraduate Research Student
School of Biological, Earth and Environmental Sciences

The cellular functions of Eukaryotic-like proteins from microbial symbionts of sponges.

Symbiosis between microorganism and macroorganisms are common in the natural world. This is particular true for the marine environment, where macroorganisms (e.g. sponges, corals and fish) form intimate relationships with microorganisms that are important for their health and performance. However, how these symbiotic interactions are regulated, both in terms of molecular and environmental factors, is poorly understood. Previous work has made the unexpected discovery that bacterial symbionts of sponges carry genes for proteins that are evolutionary related to eukaryotic proteins. These so-called eukaryotic-like proteins (ELPs) have subsequently been found in a range of other sponge symbionts, as well as in pathogens of humans and animals. ELPs are newly discovered molecular mediators of symbioses and details on their cellular functions and the factors that control their expression are yet to be uncovered. This knowledge is important as ELPs have a widespread distribution across a range of symbioses. My work aims to define the mechanism of ELP function on a cellular level.

Supervisor: Professor Torsten Thomas; Dr. Renee Whan


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