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Find your people. Pursue your passions. Gain a new perspective.

At UNSW, you get it all: a career-focused education, vibrant student community and the flexibility to do uni your way. Your time here is all about discovering the best version of yourself and what you want out of your future. Make new friends, find new hobbies, take your study overseas - whatever you want out of student life, we'll help you make it happen. Explore the opportunities on offer to start planning how you'll make the most of your uni experience. 

Progress for all starts with you

Can you help solve the world’s biggest problems? Channel your passion into a qualification which makes a real difference in the real world.

Progress for all needs creative solutions

Can creativity improve life? Learn how to listen, challenge, create and share insights about people, place and culture.

Progress is advancing justice for all

How can the law keep vulnerable communities safe? Learn how to ensure, where there’s potential for harm, there’s justice for all.

Progress is protecting the environment

How can we pull the environment back from its tipping point? Learn how to develop new solutions to save our environment.

Progress is advancing clean energy for all

How can we meet demand for energy while also reversing climate change? Learn how at Australia's #1 Engineering Faculty.

Progress is advancing healthcare for all

How can we protect everyone’s health? Learn to help prevent disease, promote mental health and improve public health.

Progress is advancing sustainable business

How can business thrive while driving sustainability? Learn how to lead a business to help society and the environment.

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