Short courses & cross institutional / non-award study

UNSW offers a range of non-award and short courses. Some courses are a pathway into university for those without the necessary qualification. Others are designed to upgrade your career skills, or to enrich, fulfill, satisfy and excite you. Courses are available to individuals, business groups, and industry. Please refer to the individual webpages for course requirements.

University Preparation Program image color

The UPP is an enabling program designed to help adults without tertiary qualifications gain entry to university.

Cross-Institutional & Non-Award (Voluntary) Study image color

Enrol in a course at UNSW for credit towards your degree at another Australian tertiary institution, or to upgrade your career skills and/or satisfy your personal interests.

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UNSW offers bridging programs in Chemistry, Mathematics and Physics for students who do not possess their degree's assumed knowledge.

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Short courses include personal and career-development courses, as well as general interest courses for expanding your horizons.