UNSW Strategy: Progress For All

Our new strategy to equip UNSW for 2049.

UNSW Kensington campus

In 2024 we’re creating a new University-wide strategy to guide and equip UNSW for the next 10 years and beyond. 

The UNSW Strategy: Progress For All will set our sights on our 100-year anniversary, focusing our attention on the areas in which UNSW people can really ‘turn the dial’ and maximise our positive impact in Australia and around the world. 

In 1949, UNSW was established as a university for the whole of New South Wales. Its purpose was to improve access and equity in education, to provide more people with the technical and scientific skills NSW and Australia needed, and to conduct research to tackle some of society’s greatest challenges. 

Today, we are one of the world’s leading comprehensive teaching and research institutions. We remain true to our founding mission: anticipating and responding to the changing needs of the society we serve, through transformative education, innovative research and genuine engagement with partners who share our vision for impact. 

But as the world grows more dynamic, diverse and complex, we have to make sure we adapt our approaches to meet society’s changing needs and expectations.  

UNSW Strategy: Progress For All will help us ensure that our students, staff, alumni, University partners and the wider community are best served by UNSW. UNSW Strategy: Progress For All will reaffirm our University’s focus on progress for all – now, for the next decade and into our next century. 

Have your say

Over the next six months we’ll be inviting the UNSW community of students, staff, alumni and partners to help create the new strategy, building on the sound structural work that is already in place. A Discussion Paper will be released prior to the Consultations that provides background to this work.

Your input is vital in shaping a strategy that is unashamedly ambitious for all, distinctively UNSW, amplifies our societal impact and builds on the robust foundations of our University.  

Here’s a special video invitation from our Vice-Chancellor, Professor Attila Brungs.

UNSW Strategy: Progress For All
Attila Brungs - Vice Chancellor and President, UNSW

Strategic Principles

UNSW Strategy: Progress For All will be grounded in four principles. These principles are the core tenets that we will continue to refer to as we create the strategy. Essentially, these principles create ‘the vibe’ for the strategy. They will help us stay true to our intentions and ambitions.

The four strategic principles are:

Ambition for all

Embrace confidently UNSW’s position as a premier global university, aspiring continuously to realise our immense potential and responsibility, working together towards progress for all.


Establish an unmistakable character that defines and distinguishes UNSW’s people, our work and our impact.

Societal impact amplified

Make bold choices that enable us to amplify the positive societal impact of UNSW’s research, education and engagement on a global scale.

Setting our next Foundations

Make solid foundational operating decisions that embed the appropriate systems, processes, approaches and agility for a dynamic, disruptive global environment and equip UNSW for generations to come.

Get in touch

We would love you to be involved as we develop the next UNSW Strategy. If you have any ideas, suggestions or questions regarding the UNSW Strategy, please get in touch.