Our partnerships unleash the impact of our research.

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Learn about UNSW’s strategic partnerships with government organisations.

The Randwick Health & Innovation Precinct

The Randwick Health & Innovation Precinct brings together world-class education, research and healthcare organisations to address real-world problems across the lifespan, from newborns to centennials.
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UNSW Canberra at ADFA

For more than 50 years, UNSW Canberra has been in partnership with the Department of Defence to enable trainee officers in the Australian Defence Force to combine a degree from UNSW with their military and leadership training.
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Wild Deserts wildlife recovery program

UNSW Sydney has partnered with the NSW Department of Planning, Industry and Environment, in collaboration with Taronga Conservation Society Australia and Ecological Horizons to bring back seven locally extinct mammals to an area in north-west NSW.
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Global Oceans Accounts Partnership

The UK government has announced a $1.8 million initial contribution to the Global Ocean Accounts Partnership (GOAP), coordinated by UNSW Sydney, in a bid to tackle climate change, restore ocean health and reduce poverty in developing countries.
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Research capability & technology portfolio

UNSW is a global leader in research and collaborates with governments, industry, and not-for-profits around the world.
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Learn more about our strategic collaboration with government organisations:

New UNSW institute to spearhead NSW government drive for RNA research

UNSW Sydney will lead a new institute which will aim to establish an RNA-based manufacturing hub in Sydney following the NSW Government’s call to drive RNA production in the State.
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UNSW Canberra welcomes Government commitment to bushfire research

In partnership with the NSW Government, UNSW Bushfire has established a state-of-the-art global centre for strategic research into understanding, tackling and preventing bushfires and

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UNSW joins alliance to make Parramatta a global education hub

UNSW Sydney has joined an Australian-first alliance of government and leading universities to promote Sydney’s west as a global destination for educational excellence.
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UNSW scientists reintroduce the platypus to Royal National Park

UNSW researchers have partnered with WWF Australia, Taronga Zoo and NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service to bring platypuses back into the Royal National Park after 50 years away.
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UNSW helps give Georges River Council a makeover

A partnership between UNSW School of Built Environment, Georges River Council and Street Furniture Australia is seeing the installation of "responsive" technology in the local area.
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