Global top 20 university

UNSW has been ranked equal 19th in global rankings, further solidifying Sydney's reputation as a top global city for higher education.

UNSW is committed to delivering lifelong education, offering our students and partners a global network of pathways, channels, landing pads and hubs.

Affiliated with prestigious networks

UNSW proudly holds membership in six prestigious networks: Universitas 21, the Association of Pacific Rim Universities (APRU), Global Alliance of Technological Universities, PluS Alliance, Group of Eight, and the International Universities Climate Alliance. Through these affiliations, UNSW expands its expertise and helps to solve the world’s biggest issues. 

Leading innovation & impact

We’re proud of our reputation for high-impact innovation worldwide. Our students, academics and alumni uphold a long-standing tradition of sustained innovation focusing on areas that shape our future. Whether it's tackling the effects of climate change, supporting vulnerable communities, or pioneering life-saving medical treatments and breakthrough technologies, we're committed to making a difference that resonates worldwide. 

Cross-cultural collaboration

We're dedicated to driving innovation where it's most impactful. Through a collaborative, multidisciplinary approach, we partner with organisations, universities, and groups across the world, connecting them with our vibrant community of academics, students, and entrepreneurs. Together, we're maximizing the reach and effectiveness of our research and development efforts on a global scale.

An example is UNSW’s commitment to the Sustainable Development Goals, the Institute for Global Development is achieving real change by supporting the work of UNSW researchers on international projects across disciplines. 

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We have the privilege of welcoming official visitors from around the world, including agents, industry partners, research institutions, government bodies, and staff from other esteemed universities.

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