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UNSW's senior leaders guide our University towards ambitious goals, building on distinction and innovative education in service to the community, nation and world.

Professor Attila Brungs, Vice-Chancellor & President 

Professor Attila Brungs is the 10th and current Vice-Chancellor and President of UNSW Sydney. His commitment to education, research and engagement will ensure that UNSW continues to nurture its passion for excellence to improve lives in Australia and globally.  

Vice Chancellor & President


Mr David Gonski AC - Chancellor, UNSW Sydney and Chairman, UNSW Foundation Board

One of Australia's most prominent business leaders and philanthropists, David Gonski has been a formidable advocate for education, the University, and its mission. Mr Gonski has a long association with UNSW. He is the first UNSW alumnus (BCom, LLB) to hold the position of Chancellor, elected in 2005. He is also Chairman of the UNSW Foundation and his role has been critical in building the University’s philanthropic culture and support.

Management Board

Professor Nicholas Fisk: Deputy Vice-Chancellor—Research & Enterprise

Professor Fisk provides strategic leadership and support to the Vice-Chancellor and President in the generation of external research income and improving UNSW’s overall research performance, and in attracting and retaining outstanding academic staff.

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Prof Merlin Crossley: Deputy Vice-Chancellor – Academic Quality

Professor Crossley is a molecular biologist, specialising in human genetic diseases. He is also an enthusiastic teacher and science communicator who contributes frequent articles on science, education and policy.

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Professor George Williams AO Deputy Vice-Chancellor—Planning & Assurance

Scientia Professor Williams was made an Officer of the Order of Australia in 2011 for, “distinguished service to the law in the fields of anti-terrorism, human rights and constitutional law as an academic, author, adviser and public commentator.”

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Associate Professor Bruce Watson: Deputy Vice-Chancellor EDI

Associate Professor Bruce Watson has a diverse research and teaching background in sustainable futures, design studio learning and teaching, and most recently higher education management and policy. He has also practiced as as an artist, achitect and interior architect. 

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Mrs Fiona Docherty: Vice-President— External Engagement

Fiona Docherty is responsible for UNSW’s Communications, Operations, Development and External Engagement (Faculties and Precincts) teams, created to advance the realisation of UNSW’s strategy through stronger engagement with donors, alumni, media and the broader community.

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Mr Andrew Walters: Vice-President—Operations

Andrew Walters is the Vice-President, Operations, at UNSW Sydney, having commenced in August 2015. The Division of Operations includes the portfolios of Finance, UNSW IT, Estate Management, and HR.

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Ms Sarafina Mohamed: COO President & Vice-Chancellor's Office

Ms Sarafina Mohamed is the Chief Operating Officer for the President and Vice-Chancellor's Office responsible for operational, managerial and administrative procedures, reporting structures and operation control.

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Faculty leadership

Professor Claire Annesley – Dean, UNSW Arts, Design & Architecture

Professor Claire Annesley’s research and teaching expertise includes comparative politics, executives, gender equality, political representation and public policy. She has received numerous accolades for her research on gender politics and policy.

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Professor Chris Styles – Dean, UNSW Business

Professor Chris Styles research focuses on international marketing and strategy, and in particular issues relating to the internationalisation process, international alliances and international entrepreneurship.

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Professor Stephen Foster – Dean, UNSW Engineering

Professor Stephen Foster has a distinguished record in the field of structural concrete and concrete materials. His main research interests are in the fields of bringing new materials technologies to the design of concrete structures.

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Professor Andrew Lynch – Dean, UNSW Law & Justice

Professor Andrew Lynch is the Dean of the UNSW Faculty of Law & Justice. He has previously served as Head of School and Deputy Dean. He teaches and researches in the field of Australian constitutional law. His research concentrates on the topics of federalism, judicial dissent, judicial appointments reform, and legal

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Scientia Professor Vlado Perkovic – Dean, Medicine & Health

Professor Vlado Perkovic is a Scientia Professor, a Professorial Fellow at The George Institute, Australia, and a Staff Specialist in Nephrology at the Royal North Shore Hospital. His research focus is in clinical trials and epidemiology.

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Scientia Professor Sven Rogge – Dean UNSW Science

Professor Sven Rogge is the Dean of UNSW Science. His research is in condensed matter physics, in particular quantum electronics at the School of Physics. Before joining UNSW in 2011 Sven worked at the Kavli Institute for Quantum Nano Science at Delft University and Stanford University.

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Professor Emma Sparks – Dean & Rector, UNSW Canberra

Professor Sparks has a BSc (Hons) in sports science and osteopathy, an MSc and PhD in systems engineering for defence. She is the first female to be appointed to the role of Dean and Rector at UNSW Canberra.

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Senior UNSW Officers

Prof Megan Davis: Pro Vice-Chancellor – Society

Prof Davis is a Professor of Law and the Balnaves Chair of Constitutional Law. She is a Cobble Cobble woman and a renowned constitutional lawyer and public law expert, focusing on advocacy for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

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Professor Jonathan Morris: Pro Vice-Chancellor – RT & E

Professor Morris is the Pro Vice-Chancellor of Research Training & Entrepreneurship at UNSW Sydney. From 2015-2018 he was Deputy Dean Graduate Research at UNSW. He was appointed Dean of Graduate Research at UNSW in 2019. In 2021, he became the Pro Vice Chancellor Research Training & Entrepreneurship.

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Professor Dane McCamey: Acting Pro Vice-Chancellor – Research

Dane McCamey is a Professor of experimental condensed matter physics. His research focuses on the impact of spin on the electronic properties of materials and devices for solar energy generation and quantum enabled electronic. He is a Chief Investigator and Research Platform Leader in the ARC Centre of Excellence for Exciton Science.

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Professor Grainne Moran: Pro Vice-Chancellor—Research Infrastructure

Professor Moran provides strategic leadership and oversight of UNSW's research infrastructure, including the centrally managed shared research facilities.

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Professor Louise Lutze-Mann: Pro Vice-Chancellor— Ed. & Student Experience

Professor Lutze-Mann is the Pro Vice-Chancellor, Education and Student Experience. She has oversight of programs that support student success, academic development, curricula support and delivery, and educational insights and engagements.

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Professor David Cohen: President–UNSW Academic Board

Professor David Cohen has been President of the UNSW Academic Board since 2017. He is Chair of the UNSW Academic Board Advisory Committee, and a member of the University’s academic governance committees.

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Professor Mary-Louise McLaws: Deputy President—UNSW Academic Board

Professor McLaws represents the Academic Board on selection committees for Professorial Appointments and is a member of the University Professorial Promotions Committee.

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Associate Professor Ann Kayis-Kumar: Deputy President—UNSW Academic Board

Professor Kayis-Kumar serves on both university and industry level committees including as elected Deputy President of the UNSW Academic Board, Vice-President of the Australasian Tax Teachers’ Association, and is a member of The Tax Institute’s NSW Technical and SME & Tax Practitioner Committees.

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Associate Professor Lisa Zamberlan: Pro Vice-Chancellor International

Associate Professor Lisa Zamberlan is the acting Pro Vice-Chancellor International and Associate Dean International for the Faculty of Arts, Design and Architecture. Lisa’s mission is to work with our industry and community partners across the globe, to drive creative contributions to the complex possibilities and challenges of our time.

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