Social impact

We're passionate about finding ways to make a difference in the UNSW community and beyond.

a girl  with Aunty Maxine making artwork

UNSW has a responsibility to contribute positively to the community through research, education and practice. See how we are making a difference.

Community engagement

Community guides our mission. UNSW's strategic programs and partnerships drive our integrated and innovative approach, fostering positive outcomes locally and globally.


Volunteering and contributing back to the community are core values of UNSW. Whether it’s contributing to clubs and societies or community programs to overseas volunteering, our students continue to give back. 

The Institute for Global Development 

As part of UNSW’s commitment to the Sustainable Development Goals, IGD is achieving real change by supporting the work of UNSW researchers on international and local projects across disciplines. 

Gateway Admission Pathway and Program (GAPP)

By combining an educational outreach program with an equitable admission pathway, GAPP supports underrepresented students to access and succeed at UNSW.

Nura Gili Centre for Indigenous Programs

In the mid-1980s, UNSW established one of the first bespoke programs for Indigenous students in NSW. The Nura Gili Centre was later established in the centre of campus as the central hub for Indigenous education at UNSW.  

Centre for Ideas

The UNSW Centre for Ideas presents a thought-provoking program of event and digital content, providing the UNSW community with access to global thought leaders, and sharing our University experts with the world.