Our culture

Our culture is underpinned by our passion for diversity, collaboration and innovation.

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Being a part of UNSW is not only about what you achieve; it’s about how you interact with others. A good university community should feel like a home away from home.

At UNSW we embrace our collaborative, diverse and exciting academic environment. Through various programs and initiatives, we are working to ensure that our students, staff and partners feel free to be themselves, express their passions and interests, and be exposed to equal opportunities.


Cultural diversity

Our culture is one where all ideas and identities are embraced, regardless of background or circumstance. We empower all individuals to learn and extend their own cultural awareness within a supportive community.
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Gender equity

UNSW strives to provide an inclusive, flexible and safe workplace for all, and foster a culture in which all female-identifying students and staff can participate equally in all areas and levels to achieve their full potential.
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LGBTIQ+ Inclusion

Be yourself at UNSW. We aim to provide a safe space, empowering LGBTQ+ students to develop their authentic identity and become proud, successful and engaged members of the UNSW community.
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Disability inclusivity

UNSW is committed to providing an accessible and welcoming environment for all our community, including those with disabilities. Learn more about our initiatives.
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Access and equity

UNSW access and equity for students makes real and meaningful improvements that address barriers, ensuring all who study and work at UNSW can achieve their full potential.
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UNSW Gateway Admission Pathway and Program (GAPP)

UNSW GAPP aims to make university entry more equitable offering under-represented students an alternative pathway to entry. Discover more.
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The Gonski Institute for Education

Addressing inequality in education and enhancing the quality of educational opportunities for all students, especially those in low socio-economic communities and rural and remote areas.
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Nura Gili

Providing pathways for prospective Indigenous students to study in all UNSW faculties enhancing the student experience for all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students.
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GERRIC: gifted education

GERRIC has sparked the minds of thousands of gifted children through its programs and courses catering to the support, nurture and advancement of high-ability individuals. 
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