UNSW's range of short courses are designed so you can upskill and advance your career without the time commitment that comes with full programs and degrees. 

Explore our short courses to find the right one for your goals

Explore our short courses to find the right one for your goals

  • Graduate certificates are short, flexible postgraduate qualifications designed to help you upskill and expand your knowledge. They typically can be completed in six-months full-time.

  • Graduate diplomas build on graduate certificates, typically offering further courses that will allow you to explore a specialisation and further your knowledge in a year or less. 

  • UNSW Sydney is proud to offer free online courses in conjunction with renowned MOOC providers Coursera, Future Learning and Open Learning.

  • Choose to study a single subject from our extensive range of courses to ensure your knowledge and skills are current and you remain competitive in your area of expertise. 

Looking to build your qualifications over time?

Many postgraduate coursework programs at UNSW are 'stackable'. This means that if you don't meet the entry requirements for a master's, or you want to ease into further study, you may be able to study a graduate certificate or diploma, and progress into a master's degree. 

Looking for advice on the which short course is right for you?

Get in touch with us. We’re here to help.