Short courses

Upskill and advance your career in less time.

Student and career mentors talking in a meeting room at UNSW.

Build your skills, enhance your career and shape the future you want. Enrol in a short course at UNSW Arts, Design and Architecture and turn your ideas into real-world solutions.


Micro-credentials are a way for education professionals to expand their knowledge with flexible study options. Discover the benefits of lifelong learning and advance your career and professional development.

GERRIC: Gifted Education

GERRIC is our collaboration with the NSW Department of Education, focusing on education and development for gifted students. Discover more about GERRIC, including our Mini-COGE workshops for educators.

Supporting students on the autism spectrum

Students on the autism spectrum deserve high quality education. High quality education recognises students’ dignity, builds on students’ strengths, and is grounded in high expectations, self-determination development and use of evidence-based practices.

Instructional leadership

One of the great challenges for educators is articulating the purpose(s) of their school and providing a clear framework to meet that purpose and achieve desired outcomes.

Developing literacies: Kindergarten to University

It's more important than ever to read the world through a critical lens and literacy is the base communication system for everything we do. If we understand literacy as a system for meaning-making and see it as a diverse and creative repertoire of opportunities, we'll have a better chance of fighting perennial or endemic educational inequity.

Educational Psychology in practice

Educational Psychology in Practice will provide you with insights into these questions by learning about memory, cognition, attention, what drives people to do what they do, and how teachers can best respond to learners by taking their perspective.