About us

Our focus at UNSW School of Built Environment is to create sustainable, liveable cities. We're home to global leaders in architecture, planning, construction and design, connecting world-class knowledge with leading practice.

Interior of the Red Centre Built Environment building located on the UNSW Kensington campus

Welcome from the Head of School

At the School of Built Environment, we shape future cities – cities that are resilient, sustainable, connected, healthy, smart, liveable and inclusive. 

We focus on the challenges of cities at every scale, from industrial designed products to the architectural design of buildings and landscapes, as well as urban and regional policy and planning. 

We interrogate global environmental challenges, such as urban heat and urban health, as well as socio-economic inequality. We create high-performing built environments that contribute to tackling the climate crisis, while our human-centred design ethos responds to the needs of the individual as well as society and our cultural landscape. 

Our education and research respond to the changing needs of the professions while also anticipating the future challenges society faces. We develop skilled and enquiring graduates, with a conscience, who can positively engage, adapt and shape our future cities for the benefit of all people, with the planet firmly in mind.

- Dr Philip Oldfield, Head of School

Our research

Our high-impact research responds to pressing urban challenges. It’s vital to cities, their environments and inhabitants, focusing on people, places, property, buildings, design, infrastructure, environment, landscapes, institutions and the complex interactions between them.

Facilities and services

At UNSW School of Built Environment, our teaching and research spaces, facilities and equipment are innovative and always evolving. You can explore your creativity while working collaboratively or individually in our labs, studios, gallery and more.


The Luminocity exhibition is the annual showcase of work by our undergraduate students. Their inspiring work and models – from hand drawing and physical prototyping to data-rich 3D modelling and coding – showcase their diverse design and critical thinking skills.

Our alumni

We encourage you, as an alumnus, to stay in touch with us wherever you are in the world. You can connect with other graduates, attend digital and live lectures and events, and become involved in the life of our school.

Ways to connect