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Alice Springs Heat Mitigation Study

About our research

UNSW School of Built Environment research tackles the challenges of change in urban environments at all scales. Our research strengths reflect multifaceted professional foundations in a mix unique to Australia in its combination of disciplines such as architecture, landscape architecture, construction, property, planning, and industrial and urban design. 

We undertake research across all scales, from entire regions and cities to the smallest room and the objects within it. Our research expertise is similarly broad and inclusive, covering: 

  • city planning, spatial analysis and urban design 
  • architecture and landscape architecture 
  • construction management, property and building 
  • interior design and industrial design. 

Through partnerships with industry, and professional and community groups, we focus our energies on the challenges and opportunities facing those who design, build, manage and inhabit the built environment. The methods we use to do this range from large-scale computational and mathematical approaches to highly nuanced philosophical or artistic approaches. We’re especially committed to research that supports wellbeing, social justice, equity and access.  

Engagement & impact

UNSW School of Built Environment is internationally renowned as a leader in urban and spatial research. Partner with us today and create a sustainable future for tomorrow. 

Research clusters & groups

Built Environment’s research clusters and groups reflect existing and emergent research, bringing together knowledge from traditional and cross-discipline areas. 

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