Research clusters & groups

Built Environment’s research clusters reflect existing and emergent research strengths within the school and across disciplines.

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Built Environment’s research clusters reflect existing and emergent research strengths within the school and across disciplines. Our research priority theme of the design, delivery and management of 21st century cities is reflected in our clusters and groups.

Cluster research projects involve publication ventures, symposia, conferences and exhibitions. Cluster activities, supported by the school, contribute to research programs within the school and beyond. Built Environment research groups bring together research partners and levels of government to address current world issues from future city planning to the impact of the built environment on people living with disabilities. 

City Futures Research Centre

Our work advances the understanding of cities, focusing on people, places, policies and technologies. We research the major urban challenges of city equity, housing, productivity, sustainability, resilience, governance and renewal.

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Advanced Architectural Analytics Laboratory

The Advanced Architectural Analytics Laboratory (A3 LAB) is a multi-disciplinary research lab that specialises in architectural analytics and design computing.

Children & Youth Research Network

A university-wide research organisation with members from the social sciences, humanities, law, architecture and STEMM disciplines. They are united by their interest and commitment to enhancing the lives of children and young people.

Geospatial Research Innovation Development

GRID's research involves using unique geographic identifiers and efficient 3D indoor navigation to record and monitor complex environments. 

High Performance Architecture Research Cluster

The High Performance Architecture Research Cluster aims to deliver research innovation in design, planning and management of high-performance buildings and cities.

History & Theory of the Built Environment Research Cluster

Exploring multidisciplinary perspectives on the history and and theory of architecture, urban planning, landscape architecture, interior architecture, industrial design. 

People & Place Research Cluster

Focuses on understanding the relationship between people and their environments, with 'place' being defined as broad as region and as small as a room.

Smart Cities & Infrastructure Research Cluster

Seeks to promote and advance the efficient design, planning and delivery of urban environments, infrastructure, and properties using spatially integrated information and smart technologies.

Women in Construction Project

UNSW School of Built Environment was awarded a $2.3m grant by the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet’s Office for Women, under the Australian Government’s Women’s Leadership and Development Program. With the support from this grant, the Women in Construction project was established.