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As a leader in vital urban, spatial analysis and building research, UNSW School of Built Environment is internationally renowned for expertise in creating and designing sustainable, resilient, equitable and productive cities that improve people’s lives. We can only achieve this through working with our incredible partners. 

Why partner with us?

Research at UNSW School of Built Environment tackles the biggest and most complex social, economic, environmental and design challenges facing the 21st century city. 

As a leader in multifaceted, evidence-based, urban and spatial research, UNSW School of Built Environment partners with government, industry and the community. We offer the most comprehensive integrated research portfolio in Australasia to advance academic and public debate, inform policy, and undertake dynamic and applied high-impact research that improves people’s lives.  

Whether it’s an understanding of the impact of heatwave events, the challenge of accessibility for people with disability, issues in high-rise living, better designed cities for active transportation, or seeking closer alignments between urban policy aims and implementation, we give voice to the most serious issues facing our urban areas. Our sights are set firmly on helping our government, community and industry partners create just and equitable cities in the future. 

Ready to collaborate? Find a UNSW School of Built Environment researcher today to discover how your business or idea can reap the benefits from working with us. 

Our partners

From start-ups to large corporations, we work with all types of businesses related to the built environment to help our government, community and industry partners create just and equitable cities in the future.

Case studies

UNSW School of Built Environment continues to deliver vital urban and spatial research that improves people’s lives. Read about some of our recent successes.

Our projects

Our school shapes future, resilient cities that are connected, healthy, smart, liveable and inclusive. Explore our projects.


Impact@BE is the UNSW Built Environment talk series focused on the impact and co-benefits of BE research outside academia. The talks will be led by a BE researcher and co-presented with relevant stakeholders involved in the research from across government, business, the voluntary sector and civil society.