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We’ve made important changes to our undergraduate degrees for new students starting in 2023. Explore our new degrees below to find out if your preferred degree has changed, and what you need to do to maintain your preference with UAC.

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What's new?

The following degree is now part of the new Bachelor of Arts (3409)

  • Bachelor of Arts (3409)
  • Bachelor of Arts & Business (3444)
  • Bachelor of Arts

Deepen your understanding to develop skills the world needs. The new Bachelor of Arts prioritises choice, so you can deepen your knowledge and broaden your experience. You can now pursue at least two specialisations by choosing a double major, or a combination of a major and minor. 


The following degrees are now part of the new Bachelor of Design (4825)

  • Bachelor of Design (4822)
  • Bachelor of Computational Design (3268)
  • Bachelor of Industrial Design (3387)
  • Bachelor of Design

Transform creative thinking into design action to make your mark on the world. Through our new design degree you can choose to specialise in integrated, industrial or computational design.  You’ll combine universal design principals and commercial skills, to create products and services with a positive impact.

The following degrees are now part of the new Bachelor of Fine Arts (4830)

  • Bachelor of Fine Arts (4821) 
  • Bachelor of Media Arts (4813) 
  • Bachelor of Music (3436)
  • Bachelor of Fine Arts

Ignite your creativity to give a voice to what matters. Through the Bachelor of Fine Arts, you can specialise in animation and moving image, art theory, music, or visual arts. You’ll explore mediums, expand your creative practice, and use art to drive social and cultural innovation. 


The following degrees are now part of the new Bachelor of Media (3341)

  • Bachelor of Media (Communication & Journalism) (3454)
  • Bachelor of Media (PR & Advertising) (3453)
  • Bachelor of Media (Screen & Sound Production) (3438)
  • Bachelor of Media

Interrogate your present to enlighten the future. Through our new Bachelor of Media you can specialise in cinema studies, communication and journalism, media studies, public relations and advertising, or screen production, with options for electives and minors to complement your expertise. You’ll balance theory and practice, to understand and influence the future of media industries.  

The following degrees are now part of the new Bachelor of Social Sciences (3325)

  • Bachelor of Social Science (3321)
  • Bachelor of International Studies (3447)
  • Bachelor of Social Sciences

Drive positive change to shape a society that works for all. The new social sciences program allows you to deepen your knowledge in at least one of 13 different specialisations, including international Studies. Supported by our experts, you’ll gain the skills to question, debate and influence complex ideas, policies and systems, and go after a career with impact.  


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Explore the areas of study available to you and study what you love at UNSW Arts, Design & Architecture.  

  • New study areas
    We've refreshed our study areas for you in 2023.

Choose from over 30 study areas across the arts, built environment, design, education, social sciences, and more. 

Each study area offers a variety of courses and programs in undergraduate study. 


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Check out our FAQ's to see if we've got your question covered.  

Undergraduate degrees

We offer an expansive suite of degrees. Whatever you choose, you’ll connect with new people, think creatively and approach challenges from fresh perspectives. Through hands-on learning, technology, and industry opportunities, you’ll be empowered to turn creativity and big ideas into real-life solutions.

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ADA Portfolio Entry

At UNSW Arts, Design & Architecture, we want to reward your passion, creativity and potential to succeed in your degree area. Submit a portfolio of your best work to showcase your talent and boost your chances of admission to a bachelor's degree. A submission can include a portfolio of art, design, media, or written work. Visit the webpage to learn more about the submission criteria and what ADA degrees are eligible for Portfolio Entry.


  • The world is changing rapidly, and our refined programs respond to these changes. To prepare for careers of the future, we set you up with universal skills and tools for success and impact. All ADA programs are designed in close collaboration with industry, leading researchers, and the student community.

  • You can apply for the new ADA degrees now. Visit how to apply to learn about the application process. These new programs will commence in Term 1, February 2023.

  • You won’t need to do anything unless you receive an email from UAC advising you to do so. If you have nominated one of the degrees that is changing, your preference will automatically update to the new program, unless stated otherwise by UAC.

  • If you applied directly to UNSW via our apply online portal, you will receive an email with a new offer for the corresponding degree. This will include simple instructions to accept your new offer.

  • The new degrees will be available to students commencing from 2023. If you are currently enrolled in a degree that is set to change, you will be given the opportunity to remain in your current program or to change to the new program.

    If you are a current student and would like personalised advice, please contact the Arts, Design & Architecture Student Nucleus team. Current students can also visit the ADA Student Experience Intranet for specific information on the program changes and how it impacts you.

  • A great place to start is by exploring the study areas available to you across UNSW Arts, Design & Architecture. You can also explore our double degrees to find out how you can diversify your experience and skills.

  • Our Future Student Advisers are available to answer questions you may have. Contact us here.

    If you are a current student with questions, or need help with enrolling, you can get the support you need from The Nucleus: Student Hub services. Contact us here.

    All current students are encouraged to visit the ADA Student Experience Intranet for specific information on the program changes and how it affects you.