What is the UNSW Critical Thinking Early Conditional Offer Scheme?

The UNSW Critical Thinking Early Conditional Offer Scheme allows you to showcase your critical thinking skills, demonstrating your potential to succeed at UNSW alongside your ATAR. Depending on your preferred degree, you will be asked to complete either a critical reflection task or a critical thinking test. Successful applicants will receive an early conditional offer with an adjusted ATAR requirement up to 10 ATAR points below the lowest selection rank for their specific degree.

Applying for the Critical Thinking Entry Scheme will be an easy online process and can boost your chances of admission to UNSW. Sign up to our mailing list to receive announcements of the scheme's key dates, eligible degrees and application process.

Also eligible to apply for the Gateway Admission Pathway? 

If you're eligible to apply for both the Gateway Admission Pathway and Critical Thinking Early Conditional Offer Scheme, we recommend only submitting an application via the Gateway Admission Pathway, as it is most advantageous for applicants. 

Who can apply?

All domestic applicants who are applying for an eligible degree. If you're expecting an ATAR within 10 points of the lowest selection rank for your degree, we encourage you to make a submission.

Keen to learn about key dates and the application process?