ADA Student Community

Connect with your peers and get involved with the UNSW community!

ADA Student Intranet

Current students are able to access the ADA Student Intranet which provides more in-depth information about the faculty, your student experience, and opportunities for you!

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Clubs & Societies

UNSW has a vibrant student social life. Get involved with our wonderful ADA Clubs & Societies!

Peer Mentoring

Peer Mentoring is an excellent way to make new friends, gain invaluable insights into university life, and ensure that your transition into university goes smoothly. 

Community events

UNSW Arts, Design & Architecture run a variety of public events each year where the wider community can join us for diverse, innovative and unique creative works and forward-thinking research produced and shared by our students, staff and partners. 

Creative spaces

Our supportive and inclusive community comes together to share interests, places and cultures in spaces that inspire your creativity and making.

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Luminocity is an annual exhibition of the Built Environment students works, launched on UNSW Open Day each year in September. 

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Utzon Lectures run throughout the year, featuring keynote talks from global leaders in the Built Environment. 

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UNSW Galleries brings together the work of leading Australian and international practitioners, curators and writers working in contemporary art and design. 

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