A selection of profiles featuring alumni who embody the ADA Faculty’s vision: “Through creativity, collaboration and inclusion we seek and solve problems to improve life on earth.”

Kumar Raghav Jha | Living with Purpose and Cultivating Opportunities

Kumar Raghav Jha uses his marketing and communications experience to give under-represented and disadvantaged job seekers the boost they need to integrate into the Australian corporate world. Powered by a deep-rooted passion for philanthropy and an unflinching set of values, UNSW alum Kumar is determined in his mission to open doors and pave the pa

Samuel Luke Beatty | Living With Purpose and Representing Positively

Artist and UNSW alum Samuel Luke Beatty’s work delves into the intimate, vulnerable realities of being transgender, exploring themes of transition, trans identity and sexuality, manhood, and his childhood memories.

Crelis Rammelt | Living With Purpose and Connecting Issues

Throughout his international teaching and research career, UNSW alum Crelis Rammelt has solved problems by drawing connections between issues in political ecology, inclusive development, degrowth and systems science.

Jennifer Westacott AO | Living With Purpose and Changing Lives

UNSW Alumna Jennifer Westacott AO has an unrivalled understanding of how the public and private sectors intersect. Bringing a wealth of senior leadership experience and a crystalline approach to solving problems, she makes the complex simple and changes lives for the better along the way.

Anne Bamford OBE | Living With Purpose and Instigating Change

UNSW Alumna Professor Anne Bamford OBE is a globally recognised thought-leader and researcher in the field of education, passionately advocating for inclusion, innovation, and creativity.

Georgie Smith | Living With Purpose and Pursuing the Common Good

UNSW Alumna Georgie Smith is a social entrepreneur and thought leader working with the public service, smoothing the path for ambitious young people to become powerful forces for good.

Craig Kerslake | Living With Purpose and Designing From Country

Craig Kerslake, Wiradjuri man and UNSW Alum talks about his study and career journey and explains how his architectural design work is deeply anchored in First Australian cultural knowledge, a sense of humility and the desire to give back to Country.