Industry & partnerships

Our network of industry partnerships is renowned nationally and internationally. Partner with us today and build invaluable connections.

Academic and Higher Degree Research mentoring at UNSW

UNSW Arts, Design & Architecture has an unmatched network of partnerships within Australia and internationally. We work in partnerships with non-profit, public sector and corporate organisations to provide solutions for end users from a range of industries. 

Our diversity enables us to engage with partners in a wide range of areas including developing new ways to engage communities with the creative arts, reducing the stigma affecting marginalised communities, and creating more sustainable approaches to environmental challenges.

Our network of partner organisations and industry connections continues to grow through our sustained efforts in building partnerships that benefit our student, academic and research communities as well as the organisations engaging with us.

Here are some of the ways you can engage with us.

Delivering solutions to industry problems

We help deliver timely solutions to issues faced by our partner organisations. Through consultation and expert opinion, as well as contract and commissioned research, we provide creative solutions drawing on our diverse areas of knowledge. To find out more, visit our research pages

Building strategic and major partnerships

Through our partnerships, we bring together diverse perspectives to address areas of pressing need. We lead major initiatives funded by national research schemes to support partnership research and create new platforms for public engagement. We work to enhance our connections with communities through meaningful contributions, support and capacity building.

Preparing the workforce for new challenges

Our partner organisations face complex social, economic and political challenges, requiring an agile workforce able to access the highest quality advice and training on emerging issues, concepts and strategies. 

We work with external organisations to develop flexible and innovative short courses that deliver the professional competencies you need. For more information, visit our short courses

Creating industry-ready students

Across our diverse faculty, we lead acclaimed programs of work-integrated learning and collaborative research opportunities, ensuring our students experience career opportunities, industry engagement and community initiatives. 

Find out more about Work Integrated Learning.