Resources & support

Our resources and support section includes key contacts, policies, guidelines and much more. Explore now.

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Explore our useful student resources from UNSW Arts, Design & Architecture including common forms, key contacts, information about academic advising and a range of support services that will help you get the most out of your university experience.

Student Support

Academic advising

Connect with us to get support with your academic progress. Our academic advisors can give advice on how to improve your performance, help you find resources, and explore program options. 

ADA Student Intranet

We’ve created ADA Student Intranet, a hub for all current ADA students. ADA Student Intranet is designed to help you more easily navigate your time at UNSW and ADA and connect in with our community. 

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Clubs & societies

Life in ADA offers plenty of exciting opportunities to build friendships, connections, and engage in causes that you care about. Joining a club, society or peer mentoring program is a great way to build your community.

Key contacts

See our key contacts for lists of academics and staff members that you may need to connect with to help you stay on track, and to explore further academic activities.

The Nucleus

The Nucleus: Student Hub is your first point of contact for all things UNSW including information, advice, forms and referrals to other services.
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Sample programs

Look at our sample programs for examples of how to structure your enrolment. We have examples from each of our schools here.

Course outlines

Our course outlines clearly explain the objectives, organisation and assessment activities within each of our schools.

Forms & protocols


Find the forms you may need to progress through your studies, such as internal program transfer or language placement.

Protocols & guidelines

These are our procedures, rules and guidelines that structure your studies at UNSW Arts, Design & Architecture.

Peer support

Settle into your studies quickly and easily by participating in a peer support program.

Student news

Stay up to date on what’s happening through our student news page and the Dean’s monthly newsletter.