Research labs, networks & clusters

In addition to our centres and institutes, our schools are home to research labs, networks, hubs and clusters which advance knowledge and advocacy across a diverse range of thematic areas.

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Research labs


The 3DXLab is a multi-disciplinary research lab that unites artists, designers, and technologists to craft innovative immersive worlds.


The Advanced Architectural Analytics Laboratory (ALAB) is a multi-disciplinary research lab that specialises in architectural analytics and design computing.

Creative Robotics Lab

Founded in 2011 at the School of Art & Design, the Creative Robotics Lab is a collaborative research and educational space that advances interaction between humans and machines.

Empirical Musicology Laboratory

The Empirical Musicology Laboratory applies interdisciplinary methods to understand the phenomenon of music and human interactions with it.

Interactive Media Lab

The Interactive Media Lab (IML) at the School of Art & Design researches and teaches emerging media technologies and their application in creative work.

Research networks, hubs & clusters

Arts & Health Research Group

The Arts and Health Research Group build capacity in arts and health research, publications, collaborations, and knowledge exchange opportunities, connecting and intersecting with strategic areas within the university and beyond through local, national, and international networks.

Children & Youth Research Network

A university-wide research organisation with members from the social sciences, humanities, law, architecture and STEMM disciplines. They are united by their interest and commitment to enhancing the lives of children and young people.

Forced Migration Research Network

The Forced Migration Research Network advances debate and knowledge translation on the multifaceted nature of human mobility and displacement.

Gendered Violence Research Network

The Gendered Violence Research Network unites the significant domestic and international research expertise of UNSW to respond, prevent and end gendered violence in Australia and beyond.

Globalisation & Governance Research Network

The Globalisation and Governance Research Network represents UNSW academics who research the complex relationship between globalisation and governance.

High Performance Architecture Research Cluster

The High Performance Architecture Research Cluster aims to deliver research innovation in design, planning and management of high-performance buildings and cities.

History & Theory of the Built Environment Research Cluster

The History and Theory of the Built Environment Research Cluster focuses on history and theory of architecture, urban planning, landscape architecture, interior architecture, industrial design. 

Intermedial Composition Network 

Established in the UNSW School of the Arts & Media, the Intermedial Composition Network (2015–) explores the creative practices of leading artists working in all media as a site of experiment, innovation, resilience and imagination.

The Laureate Centre for History & Population

The Laureate Centre for History & Population asks how, where and why population policies emerged over the 19th and 20th centuries, and what their present legacies are, especially in the Asia-Pacific region.

Media Futures Hub

Media Futures Hub is a collection of scholars at UNSW researching justice, media, and emerging technologies.

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People & Place Research Cluster

The People and Place Research Cluster focuses on understanding the relationship between people and their environments, with 'place' being defined as broad as region and as small as a room.

Smart Cities & Infrastructure Research Cluster

The Smart Cities and Infrastructure Cluster seeks to promote and advance the efficient design, planning and delivery of urban environments, infrastructure, and properties using spatially integrated information and smart technologies.

Other research groups

Critique Now

Critique Now in the School of Humanities and Languages brings together academics and students working in critical theorising and its applications across multiple disciplines.

Drawing Research Group

Drawing is an important tool in the communication of ideas, and we research theories, practices, methods, and processes across many disciplines - visual thinking through drawing is an essential cognitive skill for the future.

Geospatial Research Innovation Development

GRID's research involves using unique geographic identifiers and efficient 3D indoor navigation to record and monitor complex environments. 

New Earth Histories Research Group

New Earth Histories brings the history of geosciences and the history of select world cosmologies together.