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The iCinema Research Centre is focused on the development of creative AI visualisation across the Faculties of Arts, Architecture & Design, Engineering, Science and UNSW Canberra to experientially address unpredictable scenarios such as extreme fires and floods.

Faced with increasingly unanticipated and networked situations such as landscapes riven by wildfires, the academic and industrial sectors are utilising fully immersive and intelligent visualisation systems to explore and prototype these events in order to optimise practical understanding and effective decision making.

World leading expertise in Artificial Intelligence, AR, VR, mobility and robotics.

Frontier 3D cinematic, modelling, printing, scanning and robotic platforms.

Global network of cutting-edge research and industry partners.

Featured projects


iFire is the world’s first artificially intelligent visualisation system that explores the unpredictable nature of wildfires.


iCASTS is a virtual reality system that recreates hazardous mine environments to train up to 30 trainees simultaneously, developed in collaboration with Australian mining companies.


iModel investigates an AI spatial aesthetic that facilitates the digital modelling of operatic rehearsal design, developed in collaboration with Opera Australia.

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About iCinema

The iCinema Centre is focused on the development of AI-based creative visualisation across the Faculties of Arts, Architecture and Design, Australian Defence Force Academy, Engineering and Science.

Our research

The iCinema Centre’s cross faculty Research Programs undertake the aesthetic development of intelligent visualisation systems that explore unpredictable scenarios across a range of domains.

Our projects

iCinema: Advancing AI-based creative visualisation across UNSW faculties and beyond. Explore our transformative projects.

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Laureate Fellow | Professor Dennis Del Favero

Executive Director

E: d.delfavero@unsw.edu.au