Tampa forms part of the ongoing Firewall series, first exhibited at William Wright Artists Projects in 2015. Firewall explores the concept of the ‘door’ as a metaphor for the dynamic interaction between the human and natural worlds. ‘Doors’ occupy a fundamental place in human society, whilst also being central to the natural world. It is the interrelationship between human and natural ‘doors’ that is the focus of Tampa. Since white settlement, the oceans surrounding Australia have been perceived as vast impenetrable ‘doors’, keeping human and natural dangers at bay while protecting Australia’s inhabitants. 20th century Australia prided itself on opening its ‘doors’ to those fleeing persecution. That all changed on 29 August 2001 when a Norwegian freighter, the MV Tampa, carrying Afghan refugees entered Australian waters. The government responded by closing its doors and dispatching its Special Forces to intercept an ‘invasion’.

Tampa is an experimental component of the Nebula project.

Project DirectorDennis Del Favero

Programmers: Som Guan, Alex Ong


Single channel video installation

Video. 4 minutes. BW. Stereo.

  • Libidinal Circuits: Scenes of Urban Innovation III, Foundation for Art & Creative Technology, Liverpool, 2015
  • Redlands Konica Minolta Art Prize, National Art School Gallery, Sydney, 2015