The iCinema Centre’s cross faculty Research Programs undertake the aesthetic development of intelligent visualisation systems that explore unpredictable scenarios across a range of domains. The Programs are led by a senior researcher and co-led by an ECR, with a team comprising postdoctoral fellows, research fellows, programmers, academics, PhD researchers and industry partners. These programs are articulated to Research Networks developed in collaboration with the Australian Centre for Astrobiology (UNSW Science), UNSW Bushfire (UNSW Canberra), Climate Change Research Centre (UNSW Science) and the School of Minerals and Energy Resources Engineering Advanced Visualisation Lab (UNSW Engineering).

Research Programs

  • Leader: ARC Laureate Fellow Prof. Dennis Del Favero
    Co-Leader: Dr Grant Stevens with Dr Baylee Britts
    PhDs: Nagida Helsby-Clark, Mario Flores Gonzalez (UNSW Arts, Design & Architecture), Frank Wu (UNSW Engineering)

    This program explores how fire-laden landscapes can be visually created through the joint decision making of users and an AI virtual environment across networked museum sites so that they co-author evolving situations unrestricted in aesthetic form, complexity and inventiveness using atmosphere, flora, humanoid and topographical data.

  • Leader: Prof. Maurice Pagnucco
    Co-Leader: A/Prof. Yang Song (UNSW Engineering)

    This program enables spontaneous encounters between human and machine agencies that facilitate unexpected links between intelligent databases underpinning a dynamic visualisation system that learns and grows through joint interaction with users.

  • Leader: Dr Susanne Thurow
    Co-Leader: Dr Prue Gibson with A/Prof. Alison Gwilt (UNSW Arts, Design & Architecture)

    This program addresses how emergent theories of sensory perception and performance provide innovative insight into pressing terrestrial events using digital aesthetics.

  • Leader: Dr Carlos Tirado
    Co-Leader: Dr Andrew Yip with Dr Ian McArthur (UNSW Arts, Design & Architecture)

    This program probes how virtual design and technology systems can enable a creative team to prototype and test unforeseen interactions between settings, users and technology before construction.

  • Leader: Office of National Intelligence Post Doc Baylee Britts

    This program investigates the augmentation of decision making by artificial intelligence or machine learning in narrative or immersive environments. This program considers the valence of AI aesthetics for creating new knowledge and enabling preparedness in high stakes decision-making situations.

Research Network Programs

  • Leader: Prof. Jason Sharples
    PhD: Tanvir Saurav (UNSW Canberra)

    This program investigates how groups of users can interactively engage with unanticipated extreme fires that develop spontaneously and unpredictably in high-fidelity visualisations where users and intelligent systems can collaboratively model and explore event dynamics.

  • Leader: Prof. Carol Oliver (UNSW Science: Australian Centre for Astrobiology)

    This program develops frameworks that explore how virtual reality field trips can be utilised to effectively engage diverse stakeholders with risk-laden scenarios.

  • Leader: Prof. Steven Sherwood with Dr Moutassem El Rafei (UNSW Science: Climate Change Research Centre)

    This program develops the 3D simulation necessary to depict the fluid dynamics of convection currents in extreme wind situations, such as during a wildfire and a cyclone, using satellite and ground data.

  • Leader: Prof. Ismet Canbulat with (UNSW Engineering: School of Minerals and Energy Resources Engineering Advanced Visualisation Lab)

    This program develops the 3D networked real-time visualisation necessary between sites and command/control centres to depict the distributed dynamics of extreme mine emergencies, using live feed data.

    This program formally mentors ECRs as iCinema Fellows through programmatic collaboration and workshopping in the application of cutting-edge aesthetics.