The iCinema Centre for Interactive Cinema Research undertakes immersive visualisation projects through the use of next generation AI aesthetics and technologies to model unpredictable scenarios.

Competitive advantage

  • World leading expertise in Artificial Intelligence, AR, VR, mobility and robotics
  • Frontier 3D cinematic, modelling, printing, scanning and robotic platforms
  • Global network of cutting-edge research and industry partners
  • Multidisciplinary research integrating advances in the creative arts, engineering and sciences


iCinema has facilitated the use of next-generation applications in contemporary art, cultural heritage, broadcast content, defence memorialisation, digital museology, mine training and transport simulation. These applications have contributed to Australia’s international leadership in transformative advances that translate cutting-edge visualisation research into industry application. They enable end users to explore interactive modelling of fictional and real-world scenarios in real-time at cinematic 1:1 scale through full-body exploration using Artificial Intelligence. These applications provide innovative visualisation modalities that are greatly sought after in a world increasingly reliant on collaborative human and machine decision-making facilitated through modelling of unpredictable scenarios.

Successful applications

  • Art Immersive Environment for Open Art Cologne/Dusseldorf, Cologne
  • Construction Safety System for Brookfield Multiplex, Sydney
  • Cultural Heritage Installation for the International Architecture Biennale, Amsterdam
  • Design Prototyping Platform for WSP, Sydney
  • Mine Training Visualisation Infrastructure for China Coal Technology & Engineering Group, Fushun

Capabilities and Resources

  • 360 degree full-body AR and VR Cinematic Platforms
  • Wide range of Head Mounted Display systems
  • Ultra High-Definition fixed and mobile 2D/3D scanning systems
  • Advanced Robotic Interaction facilities
  • Interface for seamless communication between physical and virtual worlds