Australian soldiers deployed in Afghanistan

memorySCAPE explores the emergence of artistic innovations in the commemoration of war through the use of an advanced database narrative. It reformulates commemoration as a dynamic dialogue between visitors and memorial archives. It experimentally applies an aesthetic framework that transforms the display of the Australian War Memorial’s Afghanistan collection through platforms that meet the challenge of reflecting on contemporary conflict where traditional documentation is being replaced by digital interaction. Anticipated is a demonstration of how users can explore frontline experiences assisted by an interactive archive, with benefits that impact the meaning of memorial processes.

The Project’s aesthetic framework facilitates cutting-edge developments in the way we imaginatively address the commemoration of the Afghanistan conflict by delivering a frontier artistic archive and display system. It demonstrates how users can interactively organise, explore and interconnect a heterogeneous range of digital material related to the experiences of defence force personnel. In explaining the processes of interactive dialogue and creative reassembly of data underlying this new form of remembrance, the project transforms our understanding of the way in which artistic and technological innovation can impact on Australia’s memorial culture.

The memorySCAPE project is financially supported under the Australian Research Council’s Linkage funding scheme with Industry Partner Australian War Memorial.

ARC Project InvestigatorsDennis Del FaveroMichael Thielscher, Baden Pailthorpe, Brian Dawson, Craig Stockings, Rhys Crawley and Robyn Van Dyk
ARC ProgrammersRafael FormosoFinn PerryDylan Shorten

Lead Designer:  Andrew Yip

Immersive Narrative Design:  Dave Lidster

ARC Project Title: memorySCAPE: The commemoration of war using a database narrative framework

Project Funding: ARC LP180100080

Australian War Memorial, Canberra, 2022/23