Sustainable development goals

Image of a bush fire

1. Sustainable Cities and Communities [Disaster Risk Reduction]

  • Develop novel interactive AI-driven immersive simulation systems to improve emergency response training for extreme events
  • Deliver scalable first-person scenario visualisation systems for extreme weather impact mitigation
  • Provide novel artistic and scientific modelling approaches to advance understanding of wildfire dynamics, especially fluid mechanics in convection currents

2. Ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns [Reduce Material Footprint]

  • Deliver immersive prototyping platforms to reduce material footprint of art and design processes
  • Develop AR and VR exhibition formats to enhance experience of art and design collections and reduce material footprint of exhibitions
  • Achieve seamless cross-platform capability to enhance utility and uptake of frontier visualisation systems

3. Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure [Sustainable Transport]

  • Provide novel multi-agent modelling approaches to advance understanding of dynamic mobility interactions between humans, machines, structures and topographies